We have taken many steps to reduce the environmental impact of our printing process.  We have reduced the use of harsh pressroom chemicals and replaced them with environmentally friendly products that are now on the market such as press wash, fountain solutions and other pressroom products.

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Certification

To be certified as an FSC® certified organization a company must meet a number of rigorous, specific standards. Use of the FSC® labels is one of the most basic indicators that a company is a truly “green” organization. It shows compliance with the highest social and environmental standards.

FSC® certification helps to protect and promote your brand and reputation. Increasingly governments, educational institutions and many others specify FSC certified products.

Green Energy

Broudy has an agreement with Community Energy to purchase wind energy and ‘green up’ 100% of its conventional electricity consumption with this clean, renewable energy.  Purchased as Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), the wind energy is certified by the Center for Resource Solutions’ Green-e renewable energy certification program. These RECs indirectly offset 355,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from conventional electricity production processes that use nonrenewable fuel sources. The environmental benefit compares to not driving 387,511 miles in an automobile (139 drives between Los Angeles and Pittsburgh), or planting 48 acres of trees.

Recycling Program

We recycle every sheet of paper that is not delivered to a customer. The paper is then sold to various paper mills and recycled into paper products such as toilet tissues, paper towels and napkins.  All of our aluminum printing plates are recycled as well.

Chemistry Recycling Program

We use a chemistry recycling system that takes used press solvent and recovers it by a distillation process. The chemistry is cleaned and the solvent and water are separated to be recycled.  This dramatically reduces the consumption of virgin solvent and almost eliminates the need for hazardous waste removal.

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All of our inks are eco-friendly vegetable based products and have no volatile organic compound (VOCs), as opposed to the solvent based products of the past.