image-control2March 24, 2014—Broudy Printing Inc. is proud to announce implementation of a new Prinect Image Control spectral color measurement and quality control system.The technology allows Broudy to significantly reduce our makeready time, as well as to reduce the number of sheets needed to attain color. The new Image Control system is used on our eight-color Speedmaster CD 102 press with aqueous coating.  Image Control provides greater control than the Axis Control that is in use on our six-color Speedmaster CD 102 press with aqueous coating.

At Broudy we are continually reducing our costs and improving our turnaround times.  By spending less time pulling fewer sheets, we have better control of the image area and we can measure color with greater accuracy due to the system’s enhanced resolution for spectral image measurement. The system generates detailed reports we can use both for internal analysis, as well as to show customers exactly what we have accomplished.

Broudy Printing Inc. is a G7 Master Printer providing custom and innovative printing solutions to customers in the education, healthcare, financial, and non-profit markets.  The third-generation, family run company utilizes state-of-the art equipment to produce materials efficiently and timely has been a Heidelberg customer and an all-Heidelberg shop from its founding.

Having the ability to view and document our manufacturing efficiencies removes the human element and enables us to show our customers their products and explain what we’re doing right. Prinect Image Control provides deviations, tolerances, and data points that enable us to print ‘to the numbers’ and show how well the operator ran a particular job, and then to store and retrieve those parameters, as needed, for repeat jobs. It takes a lot of the subjectivity away and gives us more pixels and greater accuracy instead.