What is FSC® certified printing?

FSC® certified printed projects are run using papers that are independently certified to meet Forest Stewardship Council™ standards and produced by certified printing companies. The standards FSC® sets are to ensure the wood and pulp used in the production process are grown, harvested and manufactured to high environmental standards. All parts of the manufacturing process are audited to ensure adherence to these standards. If all of the standards are met, the projects can be considered FSC® certified and can bear the FSC label.

FSC® projects are produced in a tightly controlled system. Each part of the manufacturing process, from the forest through the printing company, is certified by independent certifying agencies. The FSC® label is a guarantee materials used in production come from from well-managed forests and/or other responsible sources.

How can you produce a FSC® certified project?

Producing FSC® certified projects is easy. Broudy does most of the work for you.

  • Ask your Broudy representative to run your next project as an FSC® certified job.
  • We will help you select an FSC® certified paper that meets the requirements of the project.
  • Leave room in the artwork for the FSC® label.

Note: As a condition of our FSC® certification, we are prohibited from supplying high-resolution artwork to designers for placement.

After Broudy places the appropriate label, we will send a PDF of the project along with the paper information to an independent certifying agency. They confirm the certification of the paper and appropriate use of the label. The certifying process of a printed piece normally takes a day, and occurs during the proofing process of a project. This enables the project to proceed without any delay in production.

Are FSC® certified projects more expensive than traditionally printed projects?

No, Broudy does not charge more for running a FSC® certified project. In general, paper prices for FSC® certified materials are not any more expensive than their non-FSC® certified counterparts. However, only certain papers are FSC® certified, so there are not as many choices when shopping papers. Please call your Broudy representative to discuss your paper options.

Download a list of FSC® Certified Papers

What You Can Do?

By choosing a printer that is FSC® certified, you can display the FSC® logo on your printed materials – showing your customers and clients that you, too, have taken responsibility for the environment. For more information about FSC® and printing responsibly, contact your Broudy representative or www.fsc.org.